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International / Contract purchasing and sourcing


Seattleio is currently adding independent Project Engineering / Distributor positions. The positions

allow for flexible work schedules, independent performance goals and access to our widespread

network of domestic and foreign manufacturing partnership sources.


Compensation is based on distribution volumes of new and existing products. The objective remains to identify new and specific customer needs and provide contracted international procurement assistance. The benefits of international purchasing is shared resulting in a win-win situation.


This position should be able to provide direct customer contact and address specific customer product

needs. Clear & organized verbal and written communication skills are required.


This position will be responsible for developing primary customer relations and identifying new products. The position will also distribute existing commodity items as opportunities arise. Engineering, production and purchasing experience is helpful but not required.


Existing Seattleio sourcing, purchasing, engineering, production and importing partnerships will be available to assist with successful project management. This position represents a progressive approach to building a network of products and customers.


Please contact Seattleio with specific qualifications and objectives of interest. 

Email: 220515

SEATTLEIO is a “cost reduction / top quality” product development, purchasing and distribution business.  Our objective is to identify products or components, internationally source them and distribute to match our clients specific demands.


We are receptive to developing customized items. 

We do not have restrictive “line-cards” of existing products. 

We do source some existing products, but are most receptive to custom design modifications and specifications. 


We identify / develop, source and supply customer specific product definitions.


Seattleio strengths:

· Global purchasing & sourcing experience exceeding 26 years.

· Engineering experience for new-product development exceeding 30 years.

· Established top-quality international & domestic suppliers.

· ISO9001 certified or compliant manufacturing processes.

· Importing, and US Customs processing via Air and Ocean shipments.

· Domestic and international product distribution.

· Proprietary product designs with restricted / referral distribution.

· Commodity products with unrestricted distribution.


There are two ways for our clients to increase margins:  Reduce product costs or raise selling prices.  Seattleio efforts focus on reducing product costs to improve your margins. 


We provide an initial consultation free of charge and without any obligation.  If we cannot reduce your costs, there is no fee!  What can we do for you??


To contact us:



Seattleio, Inc.

5001 NE 1st Ct,   Renton, WA  98059   USA

Office 425-235-0100  Cell 206-909-0971